If you have hip pain which is reducing your quality of life and has not improved in the past two weeks, we recommend seeing one of our physiotherapists.

Our team of qualified physiotherapists can help to address and counter several of the causes of hip pain. With a combination of joint mobilisation, massage and a tailored set of at-home exercises our team can help you reduce pain and regain a larger range of motion in your hip joints.

The hip joint is a large ball and socket joint, strains and inflammation of the tissue surrounding the hip joint can result in pain in either the groin and lower back as well hip itself. Hip pain can be the result of;

-       Bursitis

An inflammation of the bursae, the sacs of liquid between bones and tissue can result in pain during movement of the hip joint. This is often caused by overwork and repetitive activity.


-       Tendinopathy

Overuse and repetitive strain may also result in an inflammation and pain of the tendons which connect the bone and muscle.


-       Arthritis

The most common cause of hip pain and the associated lack of mobility, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis results in an inflammation of the hip joint and leads to a breakdown of the cushioning cartilage around the hip bones.


-       Hip Labral Tear

The labrum is a ring of cartilage along the outside socket of your hip joint. Athletes, particularly those who perform repetitive twisting motions, are at a high risk of tearing their labrum.

If you are experiencing ongoing hip pain, book an appointment here.