If you have ankle pain which is reducing your quality of life and has not improved in the past two weeks, we recommend seeing one of our physiotherapists.

Our team of qualified physiotherapists can help to address and counter many of the causes of ankle pain. With a combination of joint mobilisation, massage and a tailored set of at-home exercises our team can help you reduce pain and regain a larger range of motion to your ankles.

The ankle is a hinged joint, which comprises three bones (fibula, talus and tibia) as well as several connected muscles and tendons. Pain in the ankle can be the result of;

-       Sprained Ankle

The most common cause of ankle pain, this is caused by the tearing and overstretching of the ligaments of your ankle. This often occurs following an awkward landing or fall and can be accompanied by bruising, swelling or an inability to put adequate weight on the affected foot.


-       Chronic Ankle Instability

Repeated or untreated ankle sprains can permanently weaken the ankle leading to chronic ankle pain and an uneven gait or limp.


-       Arthritis

Osteoarthritis can cause an inflammation of the ankle joint and leads to a breakdown of the cushioning cartilage around the ankle joint. This will result in pain and difficulty walking.


-       Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

A condition caused by nerve compression, this can result in pain and/or numbness on the bottom of the feet, a shooting pain from the hip down to the foot or a pins and needles sensation at any point in the feet or legs.

If you are experiencing ongoing ankle pain, book an appointment here.