Gluteal Tendinopathy

A leading cause of lateral hip pain is Gluteal Tendinopathy (GT). Here are the key messages for a patient with GT;

1. Stay active but try to reduce painful movements that involve adducting the hip, for example sitting with legs crossed and lying on the painful side.

2. The tendon is irritated and sensitive but it remains strong and resilient. Movement won’t harm it, in fact exercise can help if it’s at a manageable level.

3. Simple exercises can help improve strength and reduce pain (see below for some examples).

4. General health matters - eating a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight and looking after our mental wellbeing can all help in addressing persistent pain.

Low level ‘activation’ exercises can be very effective to reduce pain. There are four options described below, it’s usually best to pick one the patient finds manageable and focus on doing that twice per day for a week or two prior to reviewing symptoms.

Low Level Activation Exercises
Low Level Activation Exercise

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