Back Pain

If you have back pain which is reducing your quality of life and has not improved in the past two weeks, we recommend seeing one of our physiotherapists.

Our team of qualified physiotherapists use a combination of therapeutic approaches as well as providing you with exercises you can do at home to aid in your improvement and recovery. Our treatments can be beneficial for various types of back pain, the most common of which are;

-       Sciatic Pain

Often characterised by a pain shooting from the lower back down into the legs or sometimes by a numb pins-and-needles sensation, this is commonly caused by a prolapsed spinal disc which is pressing on a sciatic nerve.


-       Degenerative Disc Disease

This is pain caused by the ageing of spinal discs.


-       Spinal Stenosis

Caused by the narrowing of space around your spinal cord, this puts pressure on your spinal cord. When occurring in the neck this is called “cervical stenosis”, most commonly though it occurs in the lower back and is known as “lumbar stenosis”.


-       Non-Specific Lower Back Pain

This is a general term for lower back pain where the cause cannot or has not yet been determined. This is the most common presentation of back pain that we see in clinic. We are experts at understanding your symptoms and how to quickly help relieve pain. We can help guide you back to a pain free and active life.


If you are suffering from chronic back pain, book an appointment with one of our trained physiotherapists here.