Whether you have a new injury or a longstanding ache or pain our trained physiotherapists will work with you to both treat the ailment and give you the support and advice to help prevent future damage. At The Physio Rooms our therapists are trained in several techniques and your injury can be treated by various means depending on what is required, including;

-       Exercise Therapy/Strength and Conditioning

Our physiotherapists are trained to use exercise to help you decrease your pain, improve your overall mobility, strength and flexibility. Increased strength and flexibility will reduce the chances of straining a muscle or spraining a ligament in the future.

-       Joint and Soft Tissues Mobilisation

By physically manipulating the joints and soft tissues our therapists using mobilisation and soft-tissue techniques can reduce your overall pain, increase blood flow to the area and in conjunction with exercise therapy will make the affected area more resilient to damage.


-       Massage

Massage, both deep and soft tissue varieties, will help to improve circulation to the muscles, helping the healing process.