If you have calf pain which is reducing your quality of life we recommend seeing one of our physiotherapists.

Our team of qualified physiotherapists can help to address and counter several of the causes of calf pain. With a combination of mobilisation, massage and a tailored set of at-home exercises our team can help you reduce pain. The most common causes of calf pain are;

-       Calf Muscle Tear

Often occurring during a change in speed and direction during running, the tearing of a calf muscle is almost always accompanied by a sudden pain followed in the hours afterwards by difficulty walking or standing. Particularly severe muscle tears may also result in swelling or bruising.


-       Cramps

Muscle fatigue accompanied by pain and a cramping feeling can be the result of excessive exercise or from other strains put on the muscle such as extra weight during pregnancy.


-       Achilles Tendinopathy/Tendinosis

Tendonitis (inflammation) and tendinosis (micro-tears in the tendon tissue) can cause pain from the ankle up into the calf muscle. If you have high arches, flat feet or regularly wear high heels you will be at greater risk of experiencing this.


-       Muscle Strain

Overexerting and overstretching the calf muscle can cause ongoing pain. Some pain after exercise in normal, especially if it has been a while since the muscle was last exercised. Chronic calf pain, however, may be indicative of a more serious muscle strain.

If you are experiencing ongoing calf pain, book an appointment here.