Shoulder Injury - Rotator Cuff

Shoulder Injury - Rotator Cuff

About a Rotator Cuff Injury

A rotator cuff is the collection of muscles and tendons that keep your shoulder stable, a rotator cuff injury occurs when there is a tear or inflammation in the muscles and/or tendons. With the injury located within your shoulder, it makes it very difficult to do everyday tasks (anything involving lifting your arm above your head).

Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain is the reoccurring/long term pain, inflammation or sensitivity in one or both of your knees. This is pain that stops people doing a lot of activities in their everyday lives.

There are cases of knee pain that can be caused by an injury or accident and be just as painful but can heal without treatment over time.  Chronic knee pain very rarely goes away without treatment.

Muscle Health & Vitamin D

Muscle Health & Vitamin D

Why it’s important and where to get it.

As the days shorten it’s important to make sure we’re getting enough of the sunshine vitamin. It plays a key role in muscle and bone health – important for injury repair and prevention.

Here’s what we know.

How nutrition can aid injury recovery: A case study with Dan Lawson, Brighton’s very own pro ultra runner

How nutrition can aid injury recovery: A case study with Dan Lawson, Brighton’s very own pro ultra runner

Dan Lawson is a local legend in the ultra running world. His record is impressive; He runs for the GB Ultra Team, the current world and European champions at the 24hr distance. He is a world record beater for the longest distance run in a week on a treadmill (completed in a tent outside Jubilee Library) and he’s the course record holder for Ultrabalaton, Steenbergen Ultra, Grand Union Canal Race and the Ridgeway Ultra.

Meet Our New Physio - Camilla (Brighton Clinic)

We are delighted to welcome on board physiotherapist Camilla Castellini. Camilla will be practicing from our Brighton clinic at Preston Lawn Tennis Club. Camilla has a wealth of experience treating musculoskeletal injuries and pathologies. For more information on Camilla's skill set please read on.. Camilla is an Italian Physiotherapist living in Brighton who is registered with HCPC and CSP. She graduated from the University of Bologna (Italy) and has more than five years of professional experience. She has worked with several Italian clinics and hospitals as a Physiotherapist.

Fathers day gift voucher - £10 off new appointments!

KNOW ANYONE WHO IS CARRYING THE WORLD ON THEIR SHOULDERS?! It's Fathers Day this month and to celebrate all the dads out there we are offering £10 off new / initial appointments with The Physio Rooms!

Does your father have a few niggles that we could help with, get him something he really needs this year!

If you are interested please contact us or 01273 667826.

Sports Therapy is not just massage - a new partnership for The Physio Rooms with Becky from BC Sports Therapy & Fitness

We all enjoy a good massage! Why not when there are proven benefits from a deep tissue massage!

Deep tissue massage is the use of deeper techniques to work into the fascia, relieving tension, aiding flexibility and helping with chronic pain.

With the use of knuckles, forearms, elbows and hands it is a deliberate deep massage, working into deeper structures of the muscle and fascia to help relieve tension.

Nutrition can help with recovery - specifically a tendon injury

Are you frustrated by an ongoing tendon injury? Do you want to optimise your rehabilitation process? The good news is you can, tailoring your diet can actually aid your recovery time.

In the last newsletter Fran discussed how eating certain foods, in the right amounts and at specific times can help speed up the recovery time of muscle tears. The same approach can be also applied to tendon injuries.

Eat Yourself Better: How nutrition can help with injury recovery

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something you could do which would complement your physio programme, helping to speed up the process of recovery? The good news is there is, your diet.

What you eat, when and how much is an important but often overlooked part of the rehab process. Research has shown that a good nutrition programme can help the rate at which tendons and muscles repair, positively influence the inflammation process and minimise the rate of muscle mass loss during the rest and recovery period.

How to exercise to stay healthy and injury free with Sam

We all know that over the last few decades, with the invention of machinery and modern day technology our lives are easier. We have as a society become more sedentary. The average Brit sits around 9.5 hours a day, then another 7 – 8 hours sleeping, our bodies are only active for around 7.5 hours a day. How do we make sure we incorporate more exercise in to our lives? Here are some guidelines to assist you: