At The Physio Rooms we know that massage is a key factor in helping athletes prepare for and recover from the strains that exercise can put on one’s body. Whether you are looking to improve your performance at weekend football practice or getting ready for your first 5k marathon our Sports Massage Therapists will help find the best techniques for you.

Whatever your chosen sport, a Sports Massage at The Physio Rooms can help by…

-       Improving flexibility and mobility

Helping to mobilise your joints can lead to improved performance whether you are looking to jump higher, run faster or swim farther.

-       Reducing metabolic waste

Massage helps the muscles to flush out metabolic waste such as lactic acid through the blood and lymph systems. This leads to stronger and healthier muscles and reduces fatigue after exercise.

-       Improving blood flow

As waste flows out, increased blood flow will help to carry more nutrients and oxygen in to your muscles, this in turn helps you to maximise your performance in your chosen sport.

-       Reducing or easing delayed onset muscle soreness

A sports massage before and after a major sporting event, or after beginning a new training regime can help reduce the aching and burning feeling in your muscles known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This means your recovery time will be less and soon you’ll be ready to go back to the gym, the pitch or the track.

-       Preventing or treating sports injuries

By improving your range of motion and flexibility as well as reducing muscle tension you can greatly lessen the chances of tearing or straining your muscles during your next exercise session. If you have already been injured, the increased blood flow to the muscles during and after a massage will help to speed the healing process.


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