Sam Parren


Sam Parren worked in the event industry before re-qualifying to work within the fitness sector. Before that she worked in sales and marketing in media and the equine industry for several years after giving up a physical job as a freelance rider/ groom and equine nurse.

In 2010 she embarked on a career change and qualified as personal trainer, group exercise and pilates instructor. Recently she obtained a level 5 diploma as a clinical and remedial soft tissue therapist and level 3 deep tissue/ sports massage therapist.

Sam knows what it is like to be in pain, and in the past suffered from daily back pain and also was overweight. With exercise, pilates, regular massage and soft tissue therapy work and a sensible lifestyle she is fitter, healthier and stronger, she has eradicated her daily back pain over the last 10 years.

Sam genuinely enjoys helping people to enjoy exercise, get fitter, stronger and be happier within themselves. What she really enjoys now is helping people be pain free using soft tissue therapy and massage.

Sam can offer a range of options for her clients, whether it’s personal training, regular massage, soft tissue work, pilates classes or small group training and exercise classes or a combination of all of these. Her clients vary from inactive over 80 year olds to Olympic event riders. She looks forward to helping more people in the future to lead a healthy and pain free lifestyle.