Lower Back Pain - Recovery & Prevention

At The Physio Rooms we know that back pain can make you feel helpless.

Many people do not know how or why they have back pain.

It is often a combination of awkward working positions, lack of movement (sitting for a long period of time regularly) or the repetition of tasks that compromises a good posture.


Back pain can be crippling but taking time off work and resting isn’t the best route to recovery, it can worsen the symptoms and lead to long term back problems.

Keeping active and trying to keep to your day to day life can aid your recovery, but if symptoms do not improve within a week it is highly advised to contact a physiotherapist or GP.

For the best results you should see a physiotherapist as soon as the symptoms occur.

The usual recovery time for acute back pain is within 6 weeks.

Prevention of Back Pain

Keeping active, it is advised to aim for 30 minutes of moderate activity a day, 5 days a week. To some of you this may sound like a lot but ‘moderate’ can be an activity that increases your heart rate or making you a little out of breath.

Changing your sitting posture can help reduce the risk of future low back pain. Sitting for prolonged periods of time in an office job can be a contributing factor to your pain - It is advised to get up to move regularly to avoid future problems.

Is my Back Pain Serious?

If you have other symptoms along with your back pain it is advised to speak to a GP as soon as possible. These symptoms can include:

-          Feeling unwell

-          Severe pain that worsens over a few weeks

-          Back pain that occurs when you are ill with rheumatoid arthritis or cancer

-          Weakness in one or both legs

-          Numbness/Pins and needles in one or both legs

-          Back pain that doesn’t settle within 6 weeks

-          Unsteadiness when walking

-          Difficulty passing urine

-          Numbness around your back passage/genitals

If you are worried about your back pain, speak to one of our experienced physiotherapists today on 01273 667 826 to book an initial appointment.