Sports Therapy is not just massage - a new partnership for The Physio Rooms with Becky from BC Sports Therapy & Fitness

We all enjoy a good massage! Why not when there are proven benefits from a deep tissue massage!

Deep tissue massage is the use of deeper techniques to work into the fascia, relieving tension, aiding flexibility and helping with chronic pain.

With the use of knuckles, forearms, elbows and hands it is a deliberate deep massage, working into deeper structures of the muscle and fascia to help relieve tension.

This massage helps to release toxins, improve lymphatic drainage, boost circulation and improves the respiratory system.

People can feel immediate relief after massage but if we return to our normal ways, what is to say these tensions won’t come back.

What you need to consider is what caused this injury/tension in the first place?


In a growing generation where everything is tailored towards technology, mobile phones and computers, we are starting to see an increase of people with poor posture, headaches, shoulder pain and more.

Poor biomechanics, posture or muscular imbalances can lead to aches and pains in day to day life as well as whilst exercising. Whether it is tight neck muscles causing you headaches or weak glutes adding extra strain to your knees whilst running, these need to be corrected not only with massage but exercises, stretches and education.

Including all these within your treatment will help to recover and get less occurrence of those niggles, aches and pains.

To book an appointment for deep tissue massage or injury rehabilitation/prevention contact Becky by email