How to exercise to stay healthy and injury free with Sam

We all know that over the last few decades, with the invention of machinery and modern day technology our lives are easier. We have as a society become more sedentary. The average Brit sits around 9.5 hours a day, then another 7 – 8 hours sleeping, our bodies are only active for around 7.5 hours a day. How do we make sure we incorporate more exercise in to our lives? Here are some guidelines to assist you:

  • Move more – if you sit for your job, set an alarm to get up and move every 30 mins
  • Get outdoors in your lunch hour – take a walk, try a 30 mins class.
  • Fit exercise in to your diary – book it in like you would a meeting, making you accountable
  • Struggle to motivate yourself after work? Either set the alarm earlier and get up and exercise or join a class in the evenings where you will be working with other people to push and motivate. If this fails, then using a personal trainer will help.
  • Arrange to meet friends at the weekend and get outdoors – cycle, walk, join a class or try a new activity together
  • Use an activity tracker – aim for minimum of 10,000 steps a day
  • If you have kids – do an activity with them
  • Download an exercise app that is easy to follow – you can find some that do 10 min workouts

How do you prevent injuries:

  • Always warm up efficiently to mimic the activity you will be doing, preparing the muscles, soft tissue and cardiovascular system for exercise.
  • Perform static stretches as part of your cool down, allowing the heart rate to decrease and allow muscles to lengthen after the exercise to help with flexibility.
  • If you feel pain or discomfort whilst exercising – stop, seek advice from a Dr, Physiotherapist or soft tissue therapist
  • If coming back in to exercise after injury seek a rehabilitation program from an experienced physio or personal trainer
  • Hire a personal trainer to check your form, even if it’s a 1 off session to check your lifting techniques
  • Keep hydrated throughout
  • Avoid exercise if you are under the weather
  • If you are tired be careful
  • Avoid exercising whilst using painkillers or anti – inflammatories

With her experience Sam can devise programs to help you with your specific goals, whether it is to lose weight, tone up, strengthen a weak back, help with rehabilitation or assisting with an ongoing medical condition, contact for more information.