Wimbledon is here! - Exercises for both competitive & recreational tennis players to try

This series of exercises are good to strengthen and mobilise the lower body for both competitive and recreational tennis players. Using a variety of functional strength, stability and control you can use the set as an ideal warm up programme that can be followed before playing tennis. Due to the versatility and lack of any major equipment they are the ideal set of exercises for tournament play. Keep your eyes pealed for any lunges at the side of the courts!!

Single leg squat maintain your hip knee ankle alignment by engaging your core and lateral glutes, lower to a seated position

Squat initiate movement through sit, maintain a wide knee position, keeping your back straight

Lateral lunge transfer your body wait on to the lunge leg, at a 90 degree angle, sit down as far as possible, keep your back upright

Lateral leg raise stabilise your core, maintain an upright position

Lunge rotation keep your feet hip width apart, control the movement through your pelvic floor & your core activity

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