Holistic Massage - a wellbeing maintenance body care programme!

Massage may have developed a reputation over the years as a decadent treat for people who love to be pampered and spoilt - it is seen as a luxury. New studies are showing it has a wide variety of tangible health and wellbeing benefits. These benefits were first realised by the ancient western and eastern civilisations dating back as far as 3000 years ago when the discovery that massage therapy had many positive effects on one’s health and considered a valuable holistic method for healing. These benefits range from relieving migraines and stress to improving circulation and having the ability to rehabilitate physical functions. Hollistic Massage endeavours to reduce pain and tension, restore function, and improve circulation all in conjunction with the individual’s health and well-being. Three key areas describe this style of massage:

It is not just for pampering - The massage has a focus on maintenance and supporting your health and well-being. The massage will leave you feeling very relax but equally will provide you with muscle tension relief, improvement in flexibility, improvement in circulation and aids with the relief of pain and stiffness. I believe massage therapy should form part of an individual’s health and well-being maintenance programme and not just as a luxury!

Working with your body - Identify imbalances and points of tension. Releasing the tension built up using various massage and fascial release techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Strengthening Techniques, Muscles Energising Techniques and aspects of neuromuscular techniques.

Not just for sport people - Massage Therapy complements Physiotherapy, however muscle tension, joint stiffness and pain and stress can affect anyone and can brought by everyday activities such as gardening or driving. Postural problems occur as a result doing sedentary activities such as sitting at a computer all day. Repetitive strain injury, headaches, migraine, stiff neck and back can all be relieved by massage therapy.

For further information on Holistic Massage @ The Physio Rooms and to book your place please email sarah@thephysiorooms.com.