Tis the season to go Skiing - use Pilates to plan your training

With the winter months ahead and the ski season beginning, it's time to think about some pre-skiing training so you can get the best out of your trip and Pilates is a great place to start. With exercises that focus on the core, hip stability, and overall flexibility. Pilates has it all when it comes to training. Skiing is a highly demanding sport that requires good strength to help maintain the dynamic and balanced posture essential for safe and efficient skiing. It means that you’ll be able to do a long day on the slopes without the fatigue kicking in, have the strength in the legs and confidence to do a mogul run, and wake up the next day not too sore to head out again. Some of my favourite exercises include: bridges, side lying leg work, lunges, and roll ups. These will help hugely with preventing lower back pain and overloaded knees.

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See below for Anna’s story on how Pilates changed the way she ski’s…

"I have a chronic knee condition but have always loved to go skiing. It was as a last resort that I tried Pilates. Georgie assessed my condition and helped me understand where the weaknesses were. She worked with me on very specific muscles around the knee joint and in particular she identified a real weakness in my gluteus. I learnt through Pilates how to activate and engage the glutes and so now instead them being idol and me ignoring them I can work the glutes and strengthen them. Following some 1-1 sessions with Georgie and then doing ongoing Pilates and other appropriate exercise I skied for a week in February, pain free for up to 6 hours a day. Looking forward to skiing again in 2016. I would strongly recommend Pilates as a way to rehabilitate, strengthen to prolong and enjoy pain free exercise. Georgie was positive, knowledgeable, very personable and appropriately tough!"

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