Pilates @ The Physio Rooms Hove

We are delighted to announce that following the success of our January Pilates classes from February 23rd 2015 we will be offering a second course of Pilates and Circuit classes at our new Clinic at Pavilion and Avenue Tennis Club, The Droveway, Hove.

Our class timetable is:

Monday 08:30-09:25 & 09:30-10:25

Wednesday 12:30 - 13:25 & 13:30-14:25

Thursdays 17:30-18:25 & 18:30-19:25

To book of for information please call 01273667826

Our newest team member Georgie Shand will be be instructing on our Pilates courses.Georgie graduated from St Mary’s University with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation in 2008. In 2009 she trained with the Pilates Foundation as a matwork teacher, and more recently in the Apparatus.Georgie has worked with various sports teams and clubs drawing on her own passion for sport as a way of providing thorough rehabilitation and training program’s. Over the years the Pilates training has complemented the injury rehabilitation and added to her skills as a therapist. She has completed level one strength and conditioning and more recently has embarked on Joanna Elphinston performane training. This has given Georgie a deeper understanding of movement and functional training. She has had great success in getting individuals back to their sport or particular goal through a combination of home exercises programs, manual therapy, and Pilates.

Classes will run once a week for a 6 week period costing £60 paid in advance.

To book please call 01273667826 or email info@thephysiooms.com

A range of classes will be available to suit all needs.


Beginners: This class is for people with little or no Pilates experience. You will learn the principles of Pilates; control, concentration, centering, precision, breathing, and flow, and how this will benefit your body. The focus of  classes will be on creating balance in the body, strengthening the core postural muscles and working on stability and co-ordination.

Improvers: This class is suitable for those who already have some experience of Pilates and have mastered the Pilates principles; they understand the breath, alignment, and basic movements. They must have good core stability as the classes will be more dynamic and work deeper into improving your strength and flexibility.

Tennis Specific Circuit Pilates: This is a circuits based Pilates class with a specific tennis focus; to help those to become more integrated with their bodies from the feet through the legs, pelvis, trunk, and arms. The exercises will be more functional bringing in squats, lunges, etc to keep up with the demands of the sport.

One to one sessions: For those with a specific injury requiring rehabilitation or for others wanting to have private personal pilates we provide one to one sessions. These allow programs to be designed specifically for you and to help motivate you with your training. We will use small pieces of equipment and often set home exercises to gain the strength and/or rehabilitation from injury that you require.