Low Back Pain - the facts

Low back pain (LBP) has a high incidence rate and will effect 20% of the adult population each year. Over 40% of people will at some stage in their lives suffer with LBP. Pain will commonly occur from the bottom of the rib cage down to the top of the buttock and gluteal region. Pain can also frequently radiate into the lower limbs. There can be several structures that can cause pain including: muscles, nerves, discs, joints, and other connective tissues.

A key issue in the treatment of low back pain is identifying the cause of the individual’s pain and implementing an appropriate management strategy. Whether it is tissue over load due to inappropriately sustained postures or acute injury due to muscle imbalance or poor lifting technique a guided treatment plan should help reduce pain and begin the road to recovery.

Here at The Physio Rooms one of our team of physiotherapists can help you with manual therapies to easy your pain and exercise prescription to help you achieve a full recovery with a ongoing management plan. Contact our Brighton Clinic to book an appointment.