Gait Analysis and Running Assessments

Are you among the 66% of runners who regularly runs with niggles and pain? Are you new to running and eager to make sure that you are doing the right thing? Are you floundering trying to achieve that new personal best? Which ever one of these categories you fall into one sure fire way to help you archive your running goals in the most efficient and injury free way is to seek the advice of one of our running Physio experts. Gait analysis is a systematic procedure of analysing locomotion in humans. Gait analysis is used to assess, plan and treat individuals who have difficulty with walking or running. During your appointment we provide a detailed biomechanics assessment, we also carry out video gait analysis looking at various  factors and parameters such as stride length, stride width, cadence etc.. Following this we can provide further assessment and design a specific program including strength and conditioning to help you achieve your goals.

So whether you a trying to run with injury, trying to achieve a personal best or you are new to the world of running why not come to our Brighton clinic and meet one of our running injury physiotherapists who are all run coach qualified and experts in all areas of running.