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Tom running 2

Tom running 2

In March 2012 Tom, one of our physios and a running expert, was training for Brighton Marathon. As his training progressed he got to know more athletes, most of these had running injuries but limited access to good quality advice. He created to provide free advice on injury management and prevention. On the 11 March 2012 he wrote his first blog article and started on a journey nearly as long and winding as some of his runs!

Two years and over 150 articles on, the site has gained a worldwide audience and a reputation for thorough, research-based information. In 2013 RunningPhysio had 1.2 million page views, in 2014 it's expected to reach nearly 2 million. Tom has covered everything from calf pain to runner's knee, and has had guest blogs from running coachesnutritionalists and published researchers. Fellow athletes have shared their running stories on recovering from problems with physical or mental health while having a platform to talk about running for charity.

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