What is physiotherapy? - a short definition

Physiotherapy is a profession associated with assessing, diagnosing and treating illness, disability, musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Here at The Physio Rooms, we aim to help each patient restore movement and function to maximise physical potential. As physiotherapists we endeavour to help our patients overcome injury or pain through accurate assessment by implementing the most evidence-based treatments available. We use many strategies to help our patients reach their goals.  We assist with pain management, and prescribe rehabilitation exercise to restore range of motion and strength. Clinically, physiotherapists use manual therapy, acupuncture and electrotherapy, as well as biomechanical assessment, functional movement screening and gait analysis. We treat each patient individually and ensure a holistic approach to treatment.

We pride ourselves on being part of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. As members of this society we are encouraged to apply the latest practices that research has to offer. Physiotherapy is a science-based profession with each of its members achieving a degree at university.

In order to maintain the highest professional standards and ensure that the latest evidence based research is used in practice, physiotherapists are required to maintain a record of their continued professional development.  This entails studying and critiquing the latest evidence, and attending courses to develop new assessment and treatment skills - making sure that our patients get the best possible advice.