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Meet Our New Physio – Camilla (Brighton Clinic)

We are delighted to welcome on board physiotherapist Camilla Castellini. Camilla will be practicing from our Brighton clinic at Preston Lawn Tennis Club. Camilla has a wealth of experience treating musculoskeletal injuries and pathologies. For more information on Camilla’s skill set please read on.. Camilla is an Italian Physiotherapist living in Brighton who is registered […]

Strawberries & Cream – Wimbledon’s tradition actually makes a good recovery snack!

It’s estimated that 23,000 tonnes of English strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream are sold at Wimbledon each year! This classic combination is not only delicious but a good addition to your post workout or injury recovery diet. Strawberries’ nutritional benefits: • A rich source of phytonutrients (these are plant based nutrients), including anthocyanins which […]

Sports Therapy is not just massage – a new partnership for The Physio Rooms with Becky from BC Sports Therapy & Fitness

We all enjoy a good massage! Why not when there are proven benefits from a deep tissue massage! Deep tissue massage is the use of deeper techniques to work into the fascia, relieving tension, aiding flexibility and helping with chronic pain. With the use of knuckles, forearms, elbows and hands it is a deliberate deep […]

The Physio Rooms and BarMob join forces!

BarMob are one of the UK’s largest and most active Calisthenics and Street workout teams. We base the foundation of what we do primarily on Bodyweight training. We are lucky to have The Physio Rooms in partnership with us. They help us in maintaining what we do and performing, competing and teaching all year round. […]

How to LOSE weight & keep it OFF with Sam

Some people will spend most of their lives on a constant diet. Why can some people lose weight, what appears to be effortless? Yet others find that it is a real battle and nothing appears to work? The common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight: • They have not fully committed to losing […]